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people hating on nintendo


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when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage

I’m relating to a turtle and an apple. IM RELATING TO A TRUTLE AND AN APPLE!

that’s a fucking tomato 

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writing “sorry” at the bottom of your math test

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Spanish Teacher: ¿Cómo estás?

Me: Estoy bitchin’

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a jungler always pays his debts 


a jungler always pays his debts 

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employer:so what's your motivation to get a job
me:i need money to buy my stupid video game shit
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I don’t know if my friends understand that they could literally invite me over to sit on their floor and watch a stupid movie. Like I’m really not hard to please, you don’t even have to feed me. Very low maintenance friend right here…I just want to do something that is not at my house okay.

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when i ask u what ur favourite colour is i expect a colour of the rainbow not some guava sunset-salami coral reef bullshit 

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*looks at you from across the street*

*intense pokemon music starts playing*

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